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You STILL do not need to be a designer to be a researcher.

There may be a detriment to being both a visual designer and researcher. I do guarantee, though, that you need to know the limits of what you present, as well as your limitation. In communicating with visual designers, you need to understand that they have a...

You do not need a “Designer’s Eye” do be a UX Researcher

It may be that writing that blog title and what I will say will get me in trouble. In the long run, though, a UX researcher has NO NEED to have a "designer's eye." That is, of course, unless you choose to be a biased researcher. You may only provide analysis with...

Updating my site

The tedious work of updating my site is coming together. You know, I had all of this in place. In fact, it was nice before. I am not thinking it's not nice now, but it is different. I decided that I wanted my site to be simpler. I am not sure if this is a design...

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