Lillian Moya MSc, CEAS

Human Factors Psychologist + Ergonomist // Mindfulness Coach + Consultant

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Balance in Design, The Human Aspect, & Business Psychology

  Human Factors Psychology, Business Psychology, Efficiency + Design

Equity theory states we, as employees, as leader, categorize and compartmentalize our efforts in a balance. Input. Output. This gets “computed”. We get a ratio. THAT ratio gets compared. We need to be at the right ratio when compared to our own.

And so… The same is true when we focus on products. On services. On leadership. On teams. On front-line employees. On back-end structures. Think of your designs. Do you compare them? Your stock prices? Comparisons there too? Everything counts!

Tell Your Story With More than Words


Business Behavioral Needs

User-Focused Development

The development of products, services, organizations is lead by the focus on the individual. Human factors in all aspects is the person in the system. 

Corporate Culture & Coaching

The nuances of the cultures we work within,  share time, energy, ideas is of necessary balance with the persons within that culture.

Industrial & Behavioral Design

Industrial development and behavior design go hand in hand. We reach others via experience. The intangible tangibles of marketing and branding have become psychology-based. 

Human Factors Psychology is Everywhere

      • Jobs and Careers
      • Pets and Animals
      • Wildlife
      • Business
      • Finance
      • Science and Technology
      • Food & Drink
      • Education
      • Family
      • Healthcare & Medicine
      • Objects
      • Industrial
      • Fashion and Beauty
      • Sports
      • Recreation
      • Moods and Feelings
      • Transportation
      • Parks/Outdors


      • Architecture
      • Vintage
      • Urban
      • Recreation
      • Travel Destinations
      • Coffee

Lillian Moya M.Sc., CEAS

Human Factors Psychologist + Ergonomist // Mindfulness Coach + Consultant
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