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I’ve recently experienced the cutting of the state of flow and it hurts. That’s metaphorical, of course, but it does cause a problem.

For example, I am rushing in my state, and all.of a sudden [you] cut in and tell me a random idea that is not immediately necessary just a “for when you have the chance” or better yet a “I think this may be good”.

Why can’t we talk about it like civilized human professionals who are on the same route towards the same end point? Why do you need to speed and destroy the flow of the very issues YOU need handled? To share a hypothetical idea that could have been saved for later. Later? You tell me what you want done later now?

Please, consider how people work best. It’s accommodating but not only I accommodating you… but also my environment being accommodating to my state of flow.

I work better. I work faster. I get your goals met – that way.

And yeah I’m writing this from my phone because I didn’t want to lose “my state of flow”.

This message is being replied to immediately via a mobile device. If you see any typos or funny-looking characters, though, they are fully the responsibility of Auto-Correct. I want to thank you in advance during these difficult times of QWERTY Keyboard.

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