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It feels like far too long since writing in the blog, but in the meantime I have WFH, or worked from home, and have been thinking about the processes brought along with this. I can say I’m used to it, but also that a lot has changed and not everyone is stepping into it as easily as we may think.

I mean those of us who have been working from home for some time now. Those of us who at least work from home as a base, and then move around on business trips, to the office, and then back home.

We really have not considered how necessary working at the office is for so many individuals, especially because it helps them differentiate work from home. By that I mean the comparison between the office, being around colleagues, bosses, and even they as bosses themselves so responsibilities. And then there is home where we are not in a suit, not business casual clothing. We wear shorts, sandals, eat what we crave the majority of the time, speak at a volume that is not self-conscious, and so many other things.

We do not step into a sloppy state of being. We do, though, step into comfort. Due t my mindfulness work I take moments and engage in them as if they are the only reality I am in. Well, in essence they are. At that moment I am only in one place. I am living that experience, and so I am not thinking about what home is like and where I would prefer being. Believe it or not once we get home we sometimes want to be back in the office if it happens to be during business hours. We innately like to feel useful, and sometimes useful is best manifested in our work. If not our office work then it’s work around the house. Regardless there is little satisfaction with watching television all day, reading all day, looking through social media all day – every day, for months.

And so being a little bit more mindful of what we are doing, of what we truly expect from ourselves really may help. It is not that bad to work from home. We do need to work around some new normals. There are interruptions but they can be limited with setting boundaries for ourselves. I suggest to make the boundaries last, not to set them for others. Set them for you. Make the boundaries about you and what you can and will do – accept. Don’t try to constrain others because in the end it will make things just a bit more difficult. I say that only because the simple body language you will be surrounded by will be enough to make you think twice about what you are doing. You may not change it – change your decision. You will, though, detest where you are, what you are doing, and what you feel forced to do and adapt to.

And so working from home does not need to be that horrible. We are each dealing with new sets of parameters that we have been placed in for various reasons. They do not always need to be long lasting, and so do not make them that. You control what you think about them. No one defines them but you. At least not your feelings about them. In the end, you control your mindset, not others. Remember that.

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