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After a long an extended hiatus, I’m thinking it’s time to start blogging again, and starting to do things that I enjoy more than others… like blogging again. I believe it’s time, especially because I now have much more to say than I thought I have had, and there is so much more to do as well.

Every day I have thought about this I have considered what to do, where to go, what to write about, and the list goes on. I see now that the best thing I can do is simply sit, and write. Stop planning. That’s what I decided to do; stop planning. Here are some truths I’ve found aligned to my blogging and my desire to say something on my site.

Blogging again
  1. There is no need to plan. Planning keeps you standing still, and that keeps you from moving towards your goal. You know that seems pretty obvious, but I see that we all find ourselves in such a situation at some point in our lives, careers, post-career passion projects, and on we go.
  2. Do something you love. This goes beyond me blogging. This applies to essentially anything you want to do akin to me and my desire for writing. There is no replacement for being happy and doing what you love. There is neither a need to shortchange how important doing something you love truly is.

And now That you’ve decided, or better stated I have decided, to do more writing, and certainly more often, I guess things may feel better. That also means they’ll be better.

Haven’t you ever noticed that when you start doing things you want to do, with zeal and gusto things simply just start feeling better? They work better? You find time, and find space and things just flow. Remember that word, “flow”. It’s just positive that way.

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