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In the forum I mention my completing another Philippe Petit book, Creativity this time around.

How he mentions that the phrase “I love you” really does not belong to [you] or [me] and is actually just a tired way that says you are special but if we really think about it and apply the essence of the time it takes to think it and then say it – not enough.

And so I mention how basically, Petit is saying would it not be better to hear “want to have the most amazing experience of your life?” instead of “would you go out on a date with me?”

Today I read an article on that fact the majority of the world does not say “Thank You”, and it’s considered good, in Curiosity. It’s true, and I cannot agree more that stopping to say thank you is quite unnecessary these days. The premise of being grateful is something that should always be considered positive and reflective of our behavior. What I think, though – and see – is that stopping to force these words, instead of feeling them and expressing [them] organically is so much less genuine.

The article is a short read. It gives examples of small groups which do not have direct translations. Interestingly enough, [those] small groups have endured peacefully – possibly saying thank you organically.

Communication is not meant to be a forced manifestation of anything. Communication is many times the beginning of a process. I think we should consider moving forward in said process and communicate more often. In whichever way we deem most adequate to our surroundings.

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