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We often stray from things that are new, different, or outside of our own “normal.” There’s a lot to be said, though, for the benefits of participating in those things.

New, different, strange, out of the norm, they all present a huge opportunity. We don’t understand this perspective very well, though. We get so attached to our standards. Being the right normal that we disregard that other peoples’ normals are correct too. They may not be suitable for you, but they are certainly right for them.

Let’s take work. I’m thinking design, yes, but designing processes. I wonder, from personal experience, why my approach needs to fall in line with an understanding that is not based on my method but my results. I may use an Excel sheet, or a pencil, and you a notebook, or tablet. in the end, though, when oresenring my information, and separately Is like to note, presenting my results, my use of the Excel sheet and pencil is valid. I want to remove the need to express validity. What I care about is how my way of learning, and working, and understanding my work to do my beat work, needs to be dictated by a hypothetical person.

We have begun focusing on DEI for a few years now. I want to bring DEI into this conversation because again: my learning cannot, should not, and dare I say cannot legally be forced to mimic a managers. I do reiterate management because within management is leadership but in the case of this removal of DEI there is no leadership involved. You have managed “me” to do work that may now be subpar because I was literally not allowed to do my best.

This is a major issue. It’s an important consideration to keep in mind since we have started coming back to work and along with that have come new normals in every organization. Heck! Not even my deal looks the same! And so when people start working differently measure them on how well they work. Employees are no one’s pawns. [W]e are not itty bitty minions waiting to follow orders. Actually when minions had agency!

Please, this is a statement from all of us working alongside anyone else looking at our reports, reading our notes, analyzing our results which I may do to you too… respect my work. Respect my learning process. Do not invade my ability to produce by destroying my results because they were arrived at with yellow highlighting and not green or pink. You are not perfect. Results! Results! Results! I give you results. Do not become the office underground bully.

And I have more to say, but I’ll leave it for another day.

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