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Here is some Quarantine Art.

It can get frustrating being home, daily, and not just #WFH but also NOT BEING ABLE TO WORK FROM HOME! And so… I decided to de stress by “getting creative” and doing something that is usually outside my regular, daily schedule.

Many times we have the “creativity is not productive” bias. And I disagree in so many ways. I actually think that regardless my quite stubborn stance you should consider trying it.

Creativity is just about with anything and everywhere. Art is really a subjective form of expression we use to do whatever we want or need to do. And so, I say “get creative”. There really is nothing to lose except possibly stagnation. So many ideas come from thinking “outside the box”. That’s pretty much the same as “being creative”.

This current situation around the world and in our own backyards is frustrating for all of us. Please don’t think it’s any easier for me. It’s precisely that reason why I write this. So you see it’s not all that simple or easy. That I sometimes not only cannot work from home but really don’t want to either. I don’t feel I’m doing anything productive! I’m not helping, not teaching, not speaking, presenting etc. and so… I’ve done this. I figure maybe this way I can reach anyone and possibly help them “cope” through the time we need to wait. That’s what we’re doing. Being patient. Waiting.

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