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Hi everyone.

I didn’t write anything yesterday because well, I’m not really sure. I look forward to not missing a day anymore. Promise to that – and so I hope you hold me accountable.

Something I have been reading about, and know is a natural reaction that we will see in most of us – problematic uses of “things”.

Please keep in mind that my usage of that phrase does not mean substances. It means anything. It means worry. It means becoming busy doing work from home when we need to take 5 minutes to breathe. It really mean “EVERYTHING” as I use in the title.

You know, we are all struggling right now. Some of us do not even know it. And it’s not because we are either sick or healthy. We are outside of our norms, and that causes us to struggle. To adapt. To change. And that may occur quite easily to many of us, but even when it happens in the blink of an eye it remains a change and a “new normal” that’s not all that much new and just normal.

I am not trying to say that any of us are going to be in dire need of anything to keep us well. But maybe our dire needs become smiling for a moment. Maybe it’s listening to some music to relax. Watching the Original Rocky or Rambo – and I’m sorry but that is an epic moment blasting ALL OF US to the past. But maybe it’ll feel good to see Sylvester Stallone in Rambo. Of all movies! How many times have you seen the First Godfather?

Please, take a moment and watch The Godfather because it is a duty of life to watch such a film and Mr. Brando at one of his greatest moments – which were really all great.

And so the idea of problematic usage of anything, we should keep ourselves in check. There are people like me all around the world trying to help you make sense of “problematic” usage. This is not the time to “shout-out myself”. The truth is… we can behave in non-productive and problematic ways. The fact is we should be careful and understand that it’s not about me, you, or you over there. It’s about any of us dealing with this situation to help each of us stay safe, stay healthy, and protect those that mean greatness to us.

I know it’s difficult to decide every day I’m going to talk a brisk walk around the block with a face mask etc. Disregard that because we don’t work that way. How do we work? Let’s watch Rambo. Why doesn’t Netflix have the Original Godfather town downstream? Let’s hear Frank Sinatra. Watch the news. Eat dinner. Turn off the TV and on the Playlist. Something! Anything! All you need to do is something different. This is not to create a habit. It’s to see that there is something else that can keep you from getting bored and ready for all the slow, smart, reopening a to our world.

Me. I listen to CNN ALL DAY LONG. And sometimes, ask Alexa to please “Stop” and read from the Kindle App on my Phone so I don’t have to go and get another gadget – out loud! It’s amusing. I try to not listen to myself. But… it always happens and I just laugh.

Take care, stay safe, stay healthy, and have some fun!


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