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I have decided to write this post with full transparency because I figure it may just help. You see, back in 2006 around there, MySpace; remember MySpace? – had a blogging option. Blogs in the early Millenium were all about journaling. Blogs now in the second decade of the second millennium are not about “journaling” at all. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Our voices have changed. I remember in 2006 how Twitter was not so full of links. I remember how we were in a streamlined world of social media where one place would not link me to another, and then another, and then – I think I made myself too clear there. Maybe I find it cumbersome now? Maybe I find it boring? All I know is that I find it is a lot of work. Social was initially going to be fun. Then it may have been a good marketing option, but still [somewhat] fun. Now the only thing fun about social media is TikTok. I’m not on TikTok. Well, I am but I think I may have posted one or two things in the past year. What do we call them? “Posted a TikTok?” We once said “I tweeted” but that was eons ago in this world we are in.

As a human factors psychologist, I have really thought about this. As a Ph.D. student working with developing economies, I think of it more and more. I wonder where we are headed. I am wondering what is coming next. Take my words as stone tablet predictions, please… “We are headed in the less is more direction – where less is more integration of everything but so much easier because we will have been using fewer platforms, fewer bits and pieces, have more condensed lives, be happier, feel more at ease with our lives, feel more relevant in the world, and all of this minute TikTok videos where we try to make a name for ourselves.”

Okay, so I have not gone into the nuts and bolts of everything, but for example, I have seen that most people read this blog via their phones. That makes me think of – no not phones – it makes me think of your ease of use! Phones matter to me as dependent factors of what you as a human being, and me as a human being as well, are doing on a day-to-day basis. I think of how easily you read this and wonder how to make it better. I wonder about what I am sharing. I think! I am sharing something worth the effort, no, not to change you, but to help you see a different perspective. How you use that perspective of yours is all about you. I do not want to say “I can care less”, but essentially it doesn’t matter because you are your own, independent, the catalyst for change (that’s the less is more bit there).

This is just once I am doing this. It may be once and once time only? Maybe I want to do this more often. I want to look at my analytics, but at the same time I want to write what I believe is useful. (Less is more) In the end, I will probably look at my analytics, but not to write things that are targeted to [you] to change [you] etc. It’s in my psychological nature to understand how things work. A number tells me a story. A story that no matter who you are, if you read this far, you did your “less is more” and from my perspective I think we may be headed in a good direction.

Take care,


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