My experience with hybrid work environments is extensive.

As a teacher I have been giving lessons via hybrid since 2017. I’ve taught Spanish, business, marketing, consumer psychology.

During COVID’s beginnings in 2020, I continued teaching via hybrid methods, and now am in a purely non-hybrid setting as for my most consistent work. As a coach I have done hybrid and only hybrid. That has worked. As a teacher k believe it can work as well. In accounting, I believe it can work although not implemented as a possibility.

The thing with hybrid is that it’s so new that I find management and leadership is afraid of it. They steer away from it as if we need to be “in person” to do good work. There may be research showing, and I say “may” because I have not studied the actual research… just seen posts and articles about it – that it is good, bad, more productive, and/or less than what we know as of now.

We are creating hybrid work environments without taking all factors into consideration, and putting the individual first. We are not considering stakeholders enough, and focusing too much on shareholders. That being said, though, shareholders care about the bottom line, and so stakeholders should be the first line of response and avenue of data collection. We are skipping [them] altogether, and that’s not a good thing.

I see a lot of what has been hypothesized, and a lot of what is happening is not even based on that.

Did you know that working in a hybrid setting we are ínstelo less cognizant of our environments in relation to shyness and pressure, yet more so when it comes to productivity and consistency in work? Did you know that we will make ourselves work more efficiently because we have “room” to grow where in collective settings we restrain from truly simply just being ourselves?

Now, as for those who want to be in the office. Why do you want to be there? Is it a lack of focus that comes along with a household in motion? Understood. And so remote work can drive you “crazy” because you’re not just working remotely. Now you’re working in a system full of other systems that do not conveniently merge with your own. And so… maybe THIS is why remote needs to be worked on. My question is this… have we trained our employees to work remotely? Have we guided them to the safety and quiet of an “at home office setting” where they can truly flourish? We have not. And so “remote” CAN AND WILL drive you nuts. Learn how to work remotely. Learn how to do hybrid. I suggest [we] begin by TEACHING HOW TO DO HYBRID WORK!

Have a beautiful day… regardless where you’re reading this from!

Take care.
Always. Lily

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