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Happy Sunday everyone, and here is some interesting news about the COVID-19 disease. There really isn’t what I would consider a pattern, but certainly an underlying structure to what is happening. It’s possibly wrong – my ideas – but the facts are not, and that is what matters most.

  1. COVID-19 is spreading in California, Oregon, and Washington States. (as per a 14 hour-ago update)
  2. This is just one more link to how the disease is spreading which shows “communities” being affected most because the spreads are within networks, and not so much dispersed generally.
  3. Every continent is now infected with the disease. Least of all, directly, the U.S. Interestingly enough, though, the U.S. is being affected indirectly. We cannot travel to most places due to: travel restrictions, fear, and the overall well-being of the maintenance of control. If we were to begin traveling, even with face masks of the recommended type, the control of the community aspect of infection would go haywire.


As for new news of the COVID-19 disease there is little to show. These are some of the things that have been happening, though, and some of the underlying systemic concepts that I see throughout this new “system” of COVID-19 “in action”.


Keep in mind that we as humans never want to realize the frailties of our existences, nor the fact that something can truly hurt us. It is usually only when something is face-to-face to use that we make sense of its size and the thin boundary between us. I suggest we begin taking this seriously. I hope to see further updates throughout the day, but overall I hope we begin to take care of ourselves. Guys, this is not “Bunker Talk”. Hahahaha. It’s actually just me trying to put things into perspective. We need to see the facts, and actually apply them to our realities becase we are not doing that, and so things are continuing to get worse slowly but surely because of [it].

Take care,


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