Here are a few facts and current update about COVID-19 I have read through and heard today via hearsay on the TV. I was working on The Watts Portfolio, (Dr. Watts Wellness is an app now but in Spanish – take a look if you’d like).

  1. Florida now has 2 cases of COVID-19. (I’m in Florida so this is not reassuring) One is in Manatee County, the other in Hillsborough County. From Manatee County there has been no travel, but Hillsborough’s patient did travel to Italy recently.
  2. Washington State: Connected to a nursing home are 3 more deaths due to COVID-19.
  3. And we really are not at the end of the day nor the evening news so… we should expect further news this evening.

This Just says things are moving, and possibly not in the direction we are any hoping for. One good thing, though, the stock market has gone up today which considering the circumstances is good. There is money circulating the economy which means we are active, and not stagnant based on fear. That being said, we should remain that way, but consciously. Any stagnation at this point would not be beneficial. Be strategic in your movements, though. That’s just a psychologist-esque manner of saying do with purpose.

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