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It’s not really May yet, but are the stay-at-home orders closing soon?

Everyone wants to get back to their lives, and begin working (which I believe is probably one of the first times in history) where we want the weekend to arrive less than we want it to be Monday.

We are each frustrated as I am sure there is. I need for me to repeat here. It’s more in line with the struggles we are each facing because of this. I wonder if we were not asked to stay at home, and simply had a time where we were asked for social distancing en masse would we really have such a problem with it. Possibly not. It’s perfectly normal that we want the day-to-day to return because as much as we cannot wait for Fridays we do get bored. We think we don’t like working at times, and the hassles become aggravating, but we actually do prefer it in comparison to most things.

Human beings have 1 thing which we cannot deny, and that is a desire for gratification as soon as is possible to us. And when work becomes a hassle it usually means that gratification has been halted for any reason which simply makes us wait because we are dependent on someone else for the next step in the process.

We tend to forget that life is full of processes and we all work together to achieve them.

When we do not need others and can do things ourselves we actually do. And so this is something to keep in mind…

1. We are not inherently lazy

2. We enjoy working much more than we realize.

3. Work has earned a bad name but we actually prefer being busy doing something with purpose than otherwise.

4. The quarantine stay-at-home orders will actually do us good.

5. The more we understand the need to remain safe the faster time elapses and the sooner we get to start doing things again.

6. I think we all want to be busy and working and active and enjoying life. Please support those who are working and putting us first by asking us to stay-at-home and remain safe.

And so we are not yet sure what the stay-at-home orders will be like in a few days. We do not know what we will hear this afternoon at the President’s briefing. Please, please, please know and most importantly understand that we need to be safe before the country goes back to business as usual.

We have yet to completely understand the seriousness of this situation. It is not to say it will get worse, but certainly to realize that it’s not about pure precaution. It’s because there is actual risk and we are all at risk.

So be patient. May is around the corner. Do great things. You can do great things at home, on the train, in your car, and the list goes on.

Just keep on doing great things, stay safe, and keep yourselves healthy!

Take care,


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