Of course no one will admit to their leadership methods going wrong, but a little bit of humility goes a long way when your team is falling apart.

When considering leadership we need to ask ourselves many questions. Who are we leading, what are we leading, and why, and how, and of course what about the past, present, and future.

The most adequate questions are usually about “how”. How are we going about people doing their best work? How are we going about ourselves and what face are we providing of the organization that is good enough for people to want to stay. You know, once people don’t want to stay they have unconsciously decided to leave. The only thing they are doing is waiting for the right time. Now, and I am not asking to place blame, but I do ask to reach the responsible party. Who is to be held accountable for that desire to leave? That decision that some place is just not worth it?

What does it take to decide that? Various things for various people. An abusive atmosphere of insurmountable cycling that leads to nowhere is the fact more relevant now than ever. So for example, why do you make me feel unwanted but require that I follow you? Then, after I follow and show loyalty, why do you use force to keep me from loving on the right direction? It’s sometimes hidden behind inclusion, but this is meant inclusion that shows an idea and not an act. And so I will create inclusive meetings for every day, but require that you do not feel included in any. To some, the line is crossed to disrespect when our good efforts are ridiculed and we begin to feel a different treatment. One that is an idea – a bad one.

The Great Resignation has a strong root in bad leadership! It’s huge! I have learned to adapt and acculturate in business circumstances that go beyond my micro-parameters to a macro-level and degree of participation. I have not, though, learned how to submit to a leadership style that i cannot admire – al authoritarian is wrong there – and that I cannot follow because it is doing nothing but berating me.

I wonder where leadership is going these days. International organizations do not always hire the best leaders for the job because they are not in line with international concepts and only with country-specific concepts. Country-specific is not international in nature. Because I am an expert in Spain but work for Zara I’m the United State does not make me internationally adequate. What does that is being an expert in Spain, being cognizant that I am in tbe YS, understanding I work with countries like Sweden and Germany, and that they are who I am
Conferring with on decision-making issues. International has been brought down various notches, and that’s hurting you.

Right now I’m done for the day.
I have pain to succumb to. In the meantime, though, coming from my phone ☎️ has been a pleasure and necessity.



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