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A few day have passed and now we are at the first day of May. Wow.

Today, if I remember correctly, there are a few State reopening various “things”. I do have one concern…

Just yesterday I heard that Sweden has been that needle in a haystack in Europe which has gone astray from requiring social distancing or stay-at-home requirements. What I found most alarming is that while Sweden has been considered a very forward-moving Scandinavian country in the past, opinions may not have changed nor will, but their death rate has actually gone up.

I continue to believe that beyond the scientific strategies used for vaccines, therapeutics, or even methods of transmission… our lack of knowledge of this virus has caused many to think that while serious some are immune, that some valid and proven methods are not valid nor prove enough, and that people continue dying in the meantime.

I began a Podcast which I would love to go back to and if I do will simply add the recordings here. You see, statistically there are aspects of the human conduction, biochemically, which are being overlooked as markers to a more structured base of the processes of this virus – from a micro perspective.

I have asked what the infected in Italy, Washington, and NYC have been like. These are the markers I study. What I’m looking at. And they truly are scientifically based, yet so elementary that they are being overlooked.

And so I am okay. With not being on the front-lines in the virology spectrum of this, nor creating vaccines. I think in the meantime, while brilliant scientists and amazing heroes as we should consider them ALL… I work on an “in the meantime” which is not really pharmacological. Biological, yes. Chemical, yes. Simple grocery store based, yes. Widely practiced? No.

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone. Stay safe! Stay healthy! Keep mindful! And practice patience. It helps!



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