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Everyday Assignments State of Florida Certified and Registered Private School… ALL States Board of Education Certified Curriculums!

Good morning to all of us. Yes, all of us. I hope we’re each doing well and staying at a social distance to keep ourselves and on another healthy.

You know, J wrote a comment the other day, about how even when we’re wearing a masks to keep us from hurting others their wearing a mask is helping us. And so it’s a good thing that we each support the effort.

As for school closings. We really don’t see how each state will move forward in closing schools for the remainder of the school year. I understand it’s still early to offer this, but I’m the end, in case anything happens, this is what I’m doing to help the circumstances. I say me, by the way because I did found the school and can make this decision.

Well, as for states closing their school year. Looking at ‘s site… right now 21 States & 3 U.S. Territories “have ordered or recommended school building closures for the rest of the school year”.

I am an educator. I don’t say teacher because I am not in the classroom right now. If any students begin their schooling at Everyday Assignments then I will be back in the classroom. I am certified to teach business, marketing, social sciences, and that includes Technology for STEM and Arts for STEAM. Also math, particularly geometry and special concepts.

What does all of this mean? I live in Florida and know exactly what being home for a month because of a hurricane is like. Less vacation. Opening school earlier and closing school later. That’s for 1 month, though, not March, April, May, June. And so I really am not sure what they would do. This is a new situation we have not dealt with directly in possibly any of our lifetimes.

I really don’t know what questions I can answer for you. Not without you asking me. Feel free to text me. Feel free to visit the EVERYDAY ASSIGNMENTS WEBSITE. Below is the information.

Send Lily a text: +1.786.788.2227

Everyday Assignments Private School site:

Also, feel free to visit the Everyday Assignments full site. The Private School is only a portion of it. We focus on lifelong education. Professional development, training, certifications, and more. You need something? Let us know.

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