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This is going to seem maybe counter-intuitive. I am thinking there is simply a need for balance in some way. As a human factors psychologist my question to answer is where does the balance come from? How do we achieve it?

UCLA has been studying how digital media is being used in the classroom, along with smartphones, but states that we are forgetting the costs associated with the gains in having these extensive tools. 

As an educator with experience in the technology and business classroom, both for secondary and post-secondary education, I want to say that this is difficult to balance but that I find it is possible. 

Many times neither teachers nor students are using all of the tools available to them via digital media. That may be a loss in a sense. Considering students and how connected they are one would think having them do a quiz via Kahoot! for example, is probably more aligned with engaging them and exciting them to do well than a paper quiz. Unfortunately, though, what UCLA has found is that because of the digital tools there is less face-to-face time available, and so student social skills, for example, are in decline. Below is a link to the article if you are interested in reading it. 

UCLA: In Our Digital World Are Young People Losing the Ability to Read Emotions

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