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For whatever reason it may be, we find writing to be complicated. Therefore, unless you’re an English major, or even then, writing is usually some daunting task we prefer not to do. Why? Essentially, this is what I have noticed and find to be logically valid from our experiences with pen and paper or keyboard and fingertips.

Many times we are insecure about how well we write. You see, we have these expectations that we build, making us think we should write a certain way. We need to sound a certain way. And worst of all, when we don’t express that way, we are not writing well. We go as far as thinking that our writing is wrong instead of simply stating that for that [thought] it is “not working,” “wrong,” or just “not getting the point across.”

We forget one thing, though; we are each meant to write differently, and our voices are proof of that requirement from the Gods. Okay, so maybe I have gone too far there, considering we are called upon to disseminate information by the all-mighty. But, seriously now, all joking aside and with due respect, we all have different voices that are not meant to sound alike.

If we think about what we have to say or want to say, we each have personalities. We may have similarities, which is all well and accurate, but we communicate everything we are as individuals. I guarantee that if your writing sounds like someone else’s, it will not be as appreciated as if it sounded like your own. Consider this; visualize this. You are standing somewhere, with or without people around you, and you have something to say. You have a comment, an opinion, statement, something, anything. Forget reading it from somewhere. Think of just speaking. The same way you speak out when someone cuts in front of you in line? The same way you comment on a news feed about anything. Now think about that and hear it. Once you’ve listened to it, imagine it being read. You may want to edit some thoughts here or there. Now that you see it on paper, the way our brains work, you will want to enhance it and make it sound even more poignant naturally. Now it’s not just some thought. Now it can become a sentence. Now it’s an entire thought with beginning and end. It helps you expand, also, which is a natural evolution of the idea and what else you think of [that]. Are you starting to see how better-looking writing is not that difficult?

You know, when you finally see your voice and then hear it, writing becomes the next natural step in getting things down on paper because you want to remember it to share it. There are rarely things that we conjure up in our minds that we do not want to at some point share. It’s rare to think of something and engineer it to remain silent. What happens is that we get scared, and we resort to not sharing it. We do not always begin with the most refined thoughts, and that is okay. It is those raw, robust thoughts that lead to greatness. Ideas are not born edited and neatly categorized in our minds. They are taken from chaos and scattered. It’s our job to bring them together to share and be understood.

Try this exercise. Try watching yourself first, then hearing yourself, then writing it all out. You know what, even if it takes time to write it down finally, it’s okay. Paper is not easy to deal with. Paper gets scary, and it’s more about what we think needs to come next than what paper does for us. Paper doesn’t make us naked. Paper dresses us up. Remember that.

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