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Being the first day of June I have decided to return to using art, now art in June, to document my daily back and forth. I’ve learned a lot from this pandemic, and one things has been how we react and reply to our surroundings. I see how we have disregarded it all, then been in dire needs, and now there is this plateau but one I don’t believe will lead to a decline. Here is something I did:

I took this original photo last Thanksgiving in Vancouver, Canada. My morning walks included going to buy coffee at 6am. I’m not sure why I chose the red. And believe it or not I attempted to change the patterns various times but a domino effect would occur otherwise so i decided to feel comfortable enough to keep it as is.

There is now our reality of month number six of 2020. It’s gone by fast I believe. We have been inundated with a lot, but it may be time to start living daily life even if differently.

Healthy change and rearrangements are a good thing. Let’s move forward in a healthy and safe way. I hope to begin daily life soon enough. Mapping my days and those of random colleagues who have something to say and good things to teach.

All the best,


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