January 2016

You won, IQ

2016 Thus Far

The Holidays are over, and the New Year has arrived and is going well thus far. It’s the first week back and things are a little different right now. We have new and improved tactics for 2016… which are usually very similar to what we did in 2015, except they have evolved a bit. We are still trying to really measure social media. That has been the case since 2007. We do not know how to take omnichannel marketing into selling, and while we are all becoming more and more social we are still using it for exactly the “wrong” reasons, as per those whom would like to reach us as consumers and not solely users.

So what should we be expecting this year? We do expect things, not solely wait for them to happen. More startups? More startups that are overly inflated in value? Yes, more startups, that are usually technology based, that are valued quite highly, and whether they are or not they are still worthwhile sometimes. I am sure there will be lots and lots of innovation taking place. And I make sure to be quite clear that my views on innovation DO NOT begin and end with technology. I am of the firm belief that technology is a tool. Call it a skill, an art, a science, or anything else you’d like, but it is something we use that has given us extreme reach in many ways, but that is still a tool. That tool would be useless if our human ingenuity did not mold it to create something “innovative” or “disruptive”.

I see more and more people exiting “the rat race” and doing what they love. Even those who have not done so yet, have possibly thought about it because we are not keen on limits set by others when we think so highly of ourselves that we CAN do better and be better. And so little by little the world of conglomerates we live in will change more and more, and they will become less and less, and a lot more of the little guys will be all around, being happy, creating, and possibly even feeling fulfilled.

This is what I have seen, thus far, of 2016. I have yet to read a full article about the “New and improved tactics” for this year, and am just easing into this new present. It will be another year of surprises, but I regret to believe that for some marketing and advertising folk it will be a year of the exact same everything. New clients, same process. New projects, same ideas. New colors, same storyline. When was the last time marketing was innovative? Lets innovate! Lets disrupt! Lets do something new because what’s been done for so many decades has officially become tired. Especially if marketers finally begin to notice.